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LIN wrote:
Still enjoying the girls. I think we are all going to enjoy these gals immensely. I wish you could see them right now. They are having quite a fun tussle on the couch. They sure love to play!


KATHY wrote,
Louie is doing absolutely wonderfully. He is the sweetest, most loveable cat! I can tell he was very socialized before I got him. He is being very spoiled by everyone. The vet had a hard time hearing his heartbeat because he purrs so loud. :) He and max absolutely love each other. They are inseparable. He still tries to nurse on Max, which is pretty hilarious.


SANDY wrote:
Spaz is doing great.  He is just the coolest cat ever. He is doing really well with Joe still although Joe got a little wild while we were gone. Not to worry, he's already changing his tune now that I'm home.  What is with him liking his nose rubbed? He loves the front part of his nose rubbed and then falls asleep resting his nose on your hand. Funny Spaz thing I guess! Anyway, this is just proud mommy rambling but I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying him!


PENNY wrote:
I thought I would send you some pictures of the girls.  They are growing like weeds. When we weighed them a couple of weeks ago, Kalia was 6.7 pounds and Kolohe was 7.3 pounds. They have such different personalities.  Kolohe is much more affectionate on an ongoing basis. When you start walking towards her, she will roll over coaxing you to come and pet her.  Kalia is much more particular as to when she honors us by allowing us to pet her!!  They are both precious and we enjoy them tremendously.  That said, our house looks like we have a couple of toddlers living here.


LIZ wrote:
Hi Brooks and Anna, we really can't wait [to pick up Dharma]!  She sounds like a love I'm sure Karma and her will become fast friends!  We will always keep you guys updated on the health, happiness and progress of both the girls!


ALEXIS wrote:
I just wanted to let you know Jackal is doing wonderfully!!! He adjusted to his new surroundings and got attached to us very quickly. He is living up to his name well and he could not be any more perfect for us! There is never a dull moment with him around. He is already getting so big. He went to the vet today and is already past 5 pounds! We introduced him to Meeka our Husky after Jackal was used to the new home and smells and they are getting along great! The play all the time and I'm glad Meeka can fill in the void of Jackal no longer having his sisters. Meeka and Jackal will wrestle, play bite, they will cuddle, and one time we even caught Jackal trying to nurse from Meeka. ( We tried telling him that he wont get any milk from there but he still tries haha.) Thank again so much for our baby. We couldn't have even planned for him to be so perfect!