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Can I pick a kitten now?
Not if they're still very young.  Kitten Picking starts when a litter is 5-6 weeks old.  At that age they're sufficiently developed to evaluate each individual kitten and set a fair price.  After evaluation, people who paid advanced deposits get to pick first.

Want to get an early pick for your kitten?
Consider paying an advanced deposit to secure your place on the waiting list. If your heart is set on a certain type of kitten, paying a deposit is like showing up early and saving a place in line.

Depositors will be contacted in order; whoever paid first is allowed to choose first.  Then the second depositor chooses, and so on.  Any depositor is free to 'pass' until the next litter.

Deposits are not refundable.
The only exception is if for some reason we don't produce any kittens for 6 months after receiving your deposit.

But that doesn't mean you're stuck!
We have a refund policy in our health warranty. If, in the first 72 hours, your veterinarian finds that your new kitten is ill or unfit for sale, we'll take the kitten back for a full refund.  You also get a two year replacement guarantee against serious congenital defects or genetic illness.

Read This Before Paying Your Deposit:
I understand that some folks want to pick their kitten in person. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time accommodating this with my work schedule. My work includes weekends, and I end up using my vacation days helping mothers during birth, taking kittens to the vet, and meeting everyone when they pick up their kittens.

Make sure you're comfortable with these 3 rules before you make a deposit:
1. The best way is to pick from a fresh web post about the litter. Here's an example.
2. Once I email that it's time to pick your kitten, please reply ASAP even if you're still deciding.
3. If you need to pick you kitten in person, we can work it out if you're willing to meet in a timely manner. The goal is to meet within 72-hours. Usually my availability is weekday evenings.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation!

$250 pet kitten deposit

$500 breeding kitten deposit