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We're always happy to answer your questions, but sometimes we'll ask you a few questions of our own.  We just think it's best if we know a few things about the lifestyle that awaits a new kitten in your home.

Don't worry!  We aren't trying to invade your privacy, and we're not quizzing you for the 'right' answers.  By learning a few details we may be able to help avoid difficulties, so you have an easier time welcoming a new kitten into your family. 

Here are some things to think about:

1. What pets do you have now?

2. Do you have young children in your home?

3. Will your cat be kept indoors?

4. If you want your cat to go outdoors, do you have a cat-safe enclosure?
We can provide information about building or purchasing one.

5. Do you have a veterinarian?

6. Can you get your new kitten to the vet within 72 hours bringing it home?

7. Will you be picking up your kitten, or having it shipped? What is your preferred airport?

8. Have you had any seriously sick animals in your home in the last 6 months?

9. Do you have a quiet room where your new kitten can acclimate?
You'll need food/water bowls and a small litter box for the acclimation room.

10. What kind of food and litter do you plan to use?

11. Are you planning on moving in the future?  How do pets fit in your moving plans?

12. Have you ever had a cat that isn't declawed?
We can teach you to trim kitty nails and recommend scratching toys to prevent problems.