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updated January 22, 2018


Litter #1
Ala & Duncan
Born November 17, 2017; will be ready to go home around Feb 9, 2018


DEREK $1900 includes neuter + microchip with lifetime activation.
Derek is a very friendly and outgoing boy. He loves to play with anything that isn't nailed to the floor... but even that might not stop him. Derek loves attention and climbs up into my lap if he thinks I'm paying too much attention to the computer. He has a very nice reddish brown pattern that will really shine once he grown out of the kitten fuzz. Everyone in this litter is larger than average but Derek is the largest.


JANET $1850 includes spay + microchip with lifetime activation.
Janet is the sweetheart of the group. She loves to curl up next to me for naptime, but if I'm not around she cuddles up to any of the adult cats she can find. She already likes to be held and will fall asleep in your lap unless it's playtime - she has no problem keeping up with the rest of the kittens when it's time for action! Janet has a tricolor rosette pattern that will look even better once her kitten fuzz grows out, and she's set to grow up to be large and muscular.


MINDY $1650 includes spay + microchip with lifetime activation.
Mindy is a curious and active girl... her photos look silly because I could barely get her to stand still and ended up bribing her with treats. She has a tricolor rosette pattern that will grow out to be slick and shiny once she's done with her kitten fuzz. She's larger than average and I expect her to grow into an athletic girl.


TREVOR $1750 includes neuter + microchip with lifetime activation.
Without a doubt Trevor is the wild child of this group. He's always on the move and needs to check out every new thing that shows up. He's fast, athletic, and loves to play with things he can chase such as toys on a string. He also loves to climb the cat tree and is often found snoozing on the highest level. Trevor has a dark brown pattern with nice contrast, which will only get better when he grows out of his kitten fuzziness. I expect him to grow up pretty large and quite athletic - if you want an entertaining action cat this could be your guy!  


Litter #2
Naomi & Tommy
Born December 01, 2017; will be ready to go home around Feb 23, 2018

CARRIE $1750 includes spay + microchip with lifetime activation.
Carrie has an amazingly high-contrast pattern just like a leopard. It also makes it easy to see what "kitten fuzz" looks like... see the little white hairs overlapping the front of her spots? By the time they're 6-8 months old that falls out and then their pattern looks clearer. Carrie will grow up to have a slick and shiny coat, and she's already very muscular. She likes to explore and to play with toys that crinkle and rattle. 


LAUREN  $1900 includes spay + microchip with lifetime activation.
Lauren is the only silver among these two litters. Like her sister she's very muscular and quite large - not just "large for a girl." She likes to find a high place and watch what's going on before wandering down to join the fun, but once she gets going she jumps and runs like an athlete. Like her silver father and grandmother I'd expect her spots to darken with age until they're an almost charcoal color, and she also inherited their velvety soft coat.



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